W205 C63S(A205) カブリオレに装着しているのは、エンジンルームが透けて見えるボンネット。Instagram などで発信なさっている海外のユーザーが多く採用している製品ですが、この入手方法は明らかになっておらず、日本でも公式に販売なさっているところがありません。いちばん分かりやすいところでは、ヤフーオークションに出品がありますが、60万円ちかい設定で現実的ではないでしょう。


ただ残念なこともあって、カーボン素材で出来ているのですが、メルセデスAMG の C63S に装着されている純正のボンネットよりも少しだけ重くなってしまいます。これはウェットカーボンのせいだと思われますが、ボンネットを開いたときに、ダンパーが少しだけ弱くなってしまうような症状があります。ただフロントに荷重がかかることで、少しだけ乗り心地が良くなるという副次的なメリットがあります。

私たちが把握している限りでは、日本でメルセデス AMG C63S(W205) に透けるカーボンボンネットを装着していらっしゃる例は私たちを含めて2台しかありません。(別車種である AMG GT などでは数台の事例があるそうです。)インパクトの強いカスタム、賛否両論あろうかと思いますけれども、お客様にとって参考になれば幸いです。



W205 C63S (A205) The cabriolet is equipped with a bonnet that allows the engine room to be seen through. This product is used by many overseas users who publish it on Instagram etc., but the method of obtaining it has not been clarified, and there is no official sale in Japan. The most obvious place is the listing at the Yahoo auction, but it is not realistic with a setting of around 600,000 yen.

We were able to find a manufacturer of this product and purchase it at a price close to cost. It is very noticeable because it is made of carbon material, and by illuminating the inside of the engine with LEDs, it can be lit up even at night. (When installing this LED lighting, we are pulling the wiring of the tail light instead of the headlight.)

Unfortunately, it’s made of carbon material, but it’s a bit heavier than the genuine bonnet on the Mercedes-AMG C63S. This is probably due to wet carbon, but there is a symptom that the damper becomes slightly weaker when the hood is opened. However, there is a secondary benefit that the ride quality is slightly improved by applying a load to the front.

As far as we know, there are only two examples in Japan where the Mercedes AMG C63S (W205) is equipped with a transparent carbon bonnet, including us. (It seems that there are several cases of AMG GT, which is a different model.) I think there are pros and cons for customs with a strong impact, but I hope it will be helpful for customers.

We will import and export this “transparent carbon bonnet” on your behalf. Since the cost varies depending on the time of manufacture and the place of delivery, we will make an estimate each time, but I think that it can be delivered at a much lower price than purchasing in Japan. If you use the inquiry form, we will get back to you within 3 business days.

Reference price: $ 5250.00